Watonga's Lacy Britches

Watonga Jim (Imp USA)
Sundays Uptown Girl, ENR’s Sunday Whistle (Imp USA)

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1994 Appaloosa mare by 1974 leopard stallion Watonga Jim (Imp USA), out of ENR's Sunday Whistle (Imp USA) mare, Sunday’s Another Sugar.


Watonga’s Lacy Britches is a heritage Appaloosa with valuable bloodlines of ApHC Hall Of Fame Appaloosas and World Champion Performance and Racing Appaloosas. 

Her pedigree represents the foundation Appaloosa performance families of the breed: SPOTTED JIM, WHISTLE BRITCHES, DOUBLE SIX DOMINO, NAVAJO BRITCHES, HIGH HAND, HANDS UP, and MANSFIELD COMANCHE.


Watonga’s Lacy Britches is the last born daughter of WATONGA JIM (Imp USA): High Point Performance horse, National Grand Champion Stallion, National Champion Get Of Sire, and multiple Halter and Performance Champion; and grand daughter of the Race and Performance bred Champion ENR's SUNDAY WHISTLE (Imp USA).

Watonga Jim (Imp)

ENR's Sunday Whistle (Imp)

Watonga Jim (Imp) and ENR's Sunday Whistle (Imp) were imported to Australia in 1974 by Gary Itzstein; stallions with performance credentials ahead of their time - Watonga Jim's sire became a renowned producer of halter and all round performance champions, and ENR's Sunday Whistle's forebears were later (1988 and 2012) inducted into the ApHC Hall Of Fame.

ENR's Sunday Whistle (Imp) has a remarkable performance Appaloosa pedigree, his lineage is a who's who of prolific foundation Appaloosas and Champions:
Mansfield Comanche
  ApHC Hall Of Fame
Double Six Domino  ApHC Hall Of Fame
Hands Up  ApHC Hall Of Fame
High Hand  ApHC Hall Of Fame
Navajo Britches  ApHC Racing Hall Of Fame
Whistle Britches Progenitor of CH & HOF Performance Appaloosas
Nava-Patrice  Multiple Grand Champion Show mare

Watonga Jim (Imp) and ENR's Sunday Whistle (Imp) were versatile Appaloosa stallions, champions in halter and performance, and excelled in English and Western equitation.  Both stallions sired families of champion Appaloosas that competed successfully during the apex of Appaloosa exhibition, and contributed to the identity and performance regard of the Appaloosa in Australia.

Unfortunately due to the passage of time, lost registrations and adverse circumstance, most of Watonga Jim (Imp) and ENR's Sunday Whistle (Imp) descendants have passed on and/or are lost from the Studbook.  Through Watonga's Lacy Britches, JIms Donna Karina and Jims Riverdance, I hope to carry on the versatile halter and performance lineage of Watonga Jim (Imp) & ENR's Sunday Whistle (Imp).

~ Sincere thank you and appreciation to Gary Itzstein, Erla Davis, Lois Pinchbeck and Clazina Shipard for their kind assistance in this endeavour.



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